With new european regulations laws on privacy and data regulations, known as General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR),- coming into force on 25th May, the Egham Regatta Association, as are all companies, including sports organisations, is required to perform 2 things:

  1. To obtain permission to contact their contacts by telephone & email.

Receiving this message means you are a volunteer or helper of the Regatta. We will therefore only ask those who no longer wish to be reached  by email or phone to let us know.

Please do so by replying to using the subject line “remove me from Egham mailing lists” 

  1. To let you know about the data held about you and how the data is used, how it is protected and who can access it.

We are also required to let you know the reason why we have asked you or are asking you for such information.


The information we hold is the information Volunteers, British Rowing or The Thames Regional Umpires Commission have provided.  It may be necessary on the day of the regatta for competitors to show another method of ID such as a passport to prove who they are after winning their event.  This will only be done if no racing licence available and will be deleted immediately if sent electronically.


What is that we store? Why do we record it? Who is it shared with?
Full Name Person’s identification Shared with Committee
Address Postal communication with individual, club, organization, regatta, committee Not shared with anyone outside Committee members
Email address Communication with individual, club, organization, regatta, committee Not shared with anyone outside Committee members
Telephone number Communication with Club, outing organization, regatta, committee. Not shared with anyone outside Committee members
Consent to email/phone communication GDPR compliance for record keeping No, not shared with anyone


We do not hold specific information with regard to competitors as it is sourced from BROE2 the information on competitors provided when completing entries and is held and controlled through Easy Regatta.


Data Protection:

At Egham Regatta, we take the protection of your data seriously.  We hold your contact details (including your email address and contact phone numbers) in spreadsheets or e-mail contact lists.  The access to this data is restricted to limited essential regatta volunteers (Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman of the Race Committee, Chairman) and you can ask for it to be amended or removed at any point.

In terms of access authentication challenges, the computer hardware and e-mail accounts require 2-factor authentication.

Committee members will be requested to destroy all copies of information pertaining to their term in committee at the end of their term and notify the acting committee that they have complied with the requirement.


Data use:

We use your contact details (primarily email) to send you important Regatta information, including (but not exclusively) mailings, notification of changes to regatta timings or news. We would contact you by telephone in the case of an emergency. We do not share your data with anyone outside of Egham Regatta.


Data Access:

Any Volunteer can request Egham Regatta to provide all the information owned by regatta about them and such data ought to be provided under 72 hours.


Data Deletion:

Should you decide you no longer wish to not be contacted, your records and all information we have about you will be deleted unless you consent us to keep it, for instance by accepting to remain on the contact list.

Overall Data Management Policies:
We will review and evolve Egham Regatta Association procedures related to data management in accordance to regulation (GDPR) and we will make this information available from our website.
We would also welcome any suggestions and help to improve it should any one spot a gap or a risk.
So do not hesitate to get in touch with the committee.


The Egham Regatta Association Committee