Rowing Entries

Egham Regatta 2018 – Entries are now open!!!

Traditional Course: Approx 600 Metres Upstream, Free Start

Prizes: 1 Pint Pewter Tankards (including coxes)

PLUS Victor Ludorum Trophy for the Most Successful Club. 

List of Events

Start time : TBC


Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

WJ14A 4x+

WJ13 4x+

J14A 4x+

WJ14B 4x+

J15A 4x+

J14B 4x+

J13 4x+

J15B 4x+

WJ15A 4x+

J14 1x

J13 1x

WJ15B 4x+

J14 2x

J13 2x

J15 1x

WJ15 1x

WJ14 1x

J15 2x

WJ15 2x

WJ14 2x

WJ16 1x

WJ13 1x

WJ16 2x

WJ18 2x

WJ13 2x

J16 1x

J18 1x

J18 2x

WJ18 1x

J16 2x


1. Entries will close at 12.00 NOON on Wednesday 20th June, 2018
2. The Regatta will aim to run from 8.30 a.m. to 19.30 p.m. From the past level of entries, this may mean
that some will have to be rejected. The events that run will be determined when the entry has been
closed. If there are too few entries, any events with less than 4 entries will not be run. All the remaining
events will be reduced to 16 maximum, 8 or 4 minimum entries. Entries in an event will be reduced on
the following basis;
(a) No Academy/Club/School will have all their crews rejected where two or more have been submitted.
(b) Where multiple crews are entered for the same event by any Academy/Club/School they should be labelled A, B, C etc. in order of preference. Crews B, C may be rejected in accordance with this selection of preference if the entry for the event is oversubscribed.
(c) If the entries for a specific event are too numerous to be able to make a viable draw, the event may be cancelled altogether at the discretion of the Regatta Entries Secretary.
(d) There will be no straight Final events only events with a minimum of 4 entries will be run.
3. The Regatta will have 3 separate divisions to give opportunities for doubling up and boat sharing. Competitors MUST NOT double up or boat share in the same division.
4. To enable as many athletes as possible to compete in the Regatta, competitors MUST NOT treble up.
5. Payment by BANK TRANSFER or CHEQUE only. Should the need arise a full refund will be given
for those entries that are not accepted. The Bank details are (Account/number) Egham Regatta
90343935 (sort-code) 20-81-11. Please provide your Academy/Club/School three letter registration
which should appear on your boats (i.e. WBS = Windsor Boys School) as payment reference so we can
track all entry payments made to this account.
6. Entry fees are £13 per seat, coxswains are free.
Academies/Clubs/Schools will be advised of the draw by Thursday 28nd June. The Academy/Club/School contact that was provided with entry will be informed accordingly. The draw will also be posted on the Egham Regatta Web-site:

Egham Regatta, Entries Secretary (2018) – Katherine Pond
Contact Address: 60 St Andrews Wharf, 12 Shad Thames, London, SE1 2YN Telephone. 07834 826 503